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About Us

Life can change without a moment’s notice – from a workplace injury, a heart attack, a drowning, a spinal cord injury or a car crash. For patients who are critically ill and injured, every minute saved before treatment can increase their chances of survival and improve their prospects for recovery.

STARS is more than just a helicopter. It is a comprehensive and responsive emergency medical system made up of several components. Our flight crews, air medical crews, and communications specialists work in concert to ensure that our patients receive the best care available in the shortest period of time possible.

Having STARS in the air ensures patients have access to the specialized medical care they need, even if they are far away from a critical care centre.

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About the STARS Calendar

The annual STARS calendar campaign is a valuable fundraiser for STARS. The calendar is now in its 28th edition and has raised millions of dollars with more than 500,000 door-to-door visits made each year. The calendar shares many moving patient stories of rescue and recovery, and each month features a photo of our STARS team in action.

STARS representatives canvass local communities between July and February selling the STARS calendars for $30 each. With the purchase of a calendar you know you have made a difference

If you miss the representatives, please call 1-877-778-8288 to order your calendar, or place an order.

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